• Image of Albany Jan 13/14

$90 Weekend
$60 for one day

Jan 13/14:
Saturday 1pm-5pm,
Sunday 12pm-4pm

Class Description:
- Waves, spins and navigation;
This class is fundamental to everything I do. It's based on how to transition the hoop everywhere -and experience that transition like riding a wave. In this class, we'll engage the space with our hoops; listen to our balance and momentum; create ramps, ride them like roller coasters, and explode into a flurry of interactive imagined space together. And then we'll get extremely nerdy about it and add a twist.

- Lifts, extensions and breath
On day Day 2, well get back to some on-body hooping and add a lift that i can't believe i wasn't doing all along. It opens opportunities for fuller breathing and a more powerful vortex - plus a really lovely stall. Depending on everyone's interest and energy, we can take it several directions, whether pulling it back into day one, amplifying the spin, or adding a shoulder transfer.