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One Day in San Francisco. One day in Berkeley.
Different classes each day.


Saturday in San Francisco:
4-7pm @ Dogpatch Dance Studio: 435 23rd St, San Francisco, CA 94107

Sunday in Oakland:
2-5pm @ Studio Azul – in the Sawtooth Building: 2525 8th St, #16, Berkeley, CA 94710


SATURDAY, Sept 8th

Riding the Elements and My New Favorite Move

An interactive exploration of flow genres within an imagined ecosystem. Land, wind, water and fire; tied together by infinity (that sounds ridiculous but give it a minute). This class is fun, expressive and as deeply technical as you want to go.
For anyone familiar with my “Waves” class, this begins as a similar exploration of transitional pathways and "catching" waves through a network of ramps and textures. This time, we'll be adding more opportunity for personalization with the addition of "wind" (with the help of a specific spinning technique). You’ll be picked out of the water and left to soar; landed back in the water; grounded into the land and ready to set the town on fire. figuratively.
My new favorite move. Ever. I’ve only just begun teaching it and have recently found a great way to break it down that lends itself to a slew of other cool movements… almost as cool as this one.

SUNDAY, Sept 9th

Core, Peeling Lifts and Shoulder Transfers
On-body Flow turned stalls and a "peeling" lift that will change everything. This is a great class for re-grounding and extending into the air. Concepts from the previous day will be helpful but not necessary. We'll also cover some shoulder transfers, followed by my favorite, fanciest new moves as of late coupled (mostly) with two old classics, angle hooping and barrel rolls: sweeping the hoops onto us; peeling them off of us; adding a savvy little pop, a powerful super-spin, and even a catchy little roll-toss-hover-catch-zing… no big deal. You’ll see.