• Image of Portland, Oregon - 2018

Hey Portland!
It seems I never get to the West Coast anymore, even when I said I was going to move there! Lots of catching up to do.
The things I was teaching before have developed and now there's a whole new bag of tricks in town.

6pm-9pm class each night + jam time

Shout House
210 SE Madison, Ste 11
Portland, OR 97214

Discounted price: $65 for both days:
- attendees of Pacific Fire Gathering
- Early Birds (any time before September 10th)
($45/$80 for one or both days afterwards)

Get more info or Register HERE:


WEDNESDAY, Sept 19 - 6:00pm-9:00pm

Riding the Elements
An interactive exploration of flow genres within an imagined ecosystem. Land, wind, water and fire; tied together by infinity (that sounds ridiculous but give it a minute). This class is fun, expressive and as deeply technical as you want to go.
For anyone familiar with my “Waves” class, this begins as a similar exploration of transitional pathways and "catching" waves through a network of ramps and textures. This time, though, we'll be adding more opportunity for personalization with the addition of "wind" and "fire" (via some specific spinning techniques and a couple of prompts). You’ll be picked out of the water and left to soar; landed back in it; grounded into the land and ready to set the town on fire. figuratively. It'll be fun. Gets nerdy, I swear.

THURS, Sept 20 - 6:00pm-9:00pm

Peeling Lifts and Flying Sweeps
On-body Flow turned stalls and a "peeling" lift that will change everything. This is a great class for re-grounding and extending into the air. We'll also cover some shoulder transfers, followed by my favorite new move. Ever. I’ve only just begun teaching it and have recently found a great way to break it down that lends itself to a slew of other cool movements… almost as cool as this one.

* May want to bring:
- Socks
- Water
- Camera with Space on it.
- Maybe pen and paper

Hope to see you there!! :)