• Image of Seattle 2018

Date: September 22nd and 23rd

Time: 2-6pm Each Day

Location: Shift Studio, 3517 Stone Way N. Seattle, WA 98103



Riding the Elements
An interactive exploration of flow genres within an imagined ecosystem. Land, wind, water and fire; tied together by infinity! This class is fun, expressive and as deeply technical as you want to go. For anyone familiar with my “Waves” class, this is a similar exploration with options for personalization, more (so exciting) interaction and more technical nuance.

Angle Pop Rolls and Sweeps
My new, favorite, most badass move I know and all the fabulous movements along the way. After all the floating around, this will bring us back to Earth and give us some tips for generating power more effortlessly. Coupled with and old classic, angle hooping, we’ll master some of the most connected, funkiest and most explosive maneuvers found on the vertical and horizontal plane. And then, of course, connected it to the first class. I think you’ll really love it.

*Allots for some jam time


On-body Throw-down and Peeling Lifts
Every once in a while you just gotta rock out. This class covers a very useful circuit based on two of my favorite movements. Starting on-body, we’ll expand our range with some super sexy stalls and dramatic sweeping that lead to seamlessly lifting the hoop in a full-bodied, breathing motion. Then, with some basic weight shifts and trouble-shooting, we’ll touch on the ever-improving “shoulder transfer,” and bring it all back into the elements (or transitional theory) from day 1.

Floor Hooping 101
- Contemporary dance movements that utilize the hoop’s momentum and promote a continued exchange. This class is not as hard as you might think. I like to go deep rather than big, so we’ll be starting real small, and at a pace that you decide…
For me the experience of being led by the hoop reaches a whole new depth here --as the discovery of “new feet,” in our thighs, backs, forearms, etc. invariably invites a new sense of listening-- and in a very safe way that’s more accessible than you’d think. …And it looks amazing. You'll see.