• Image of Utica Jan 10/11

Jan 10/11:
Wednesday 6pm-9pm,
Thursday 6pm-9pm

Two days, four hours each day
$70 Full Workshop
$45 for one day



- 1. "Waves and Barrels-Catching a Ride"
This is a class that’s fundamental to everything i do. It's perfect for expanding your range of hoop movement and also delving deeper into understanding it. * Note: if you've taken something similar w me already, I can promise you'll get something new from it. This class is a means for transitioning the hoop and "catching waves": listening to nuances in balance and momentum; forming ramps; flitting around.
And then we'll get extremely nerdy about it and add a twist. It's a personal fav. think you'll like it.

- Lifts, Stalls and Shoulders
This class covers a very useful circuit based on two of my favorite movements. Starting with on-body movements, simple stalls and dramatic sweeping will lead to seamlessly lifting the hoop in a full-bodied, breathing motion. Then, with some basic weight shifts and some trouble-shooting, we’ll also be able to add the “shoulder transfer”- where the hoop transfers from one shoulder to the other, behind the back. You’ll be surprised how simple some of these movements are and how very satisfying they feel as a circuit.

May want to bring:
Phone w camera and Space on it,
Pen and paper if you like those :)


**Registration policy: no refunds within 1 week of class. I will help you sell your ticket on, however, potentially at a discounted price if needed. :)